Thomas M. Palmer's Memorial Page

Thomas Palmer
This page is a memorial to the late Thomas M. Palmer, musician, editor, author, computer graphics expert and brother. It has been designed and built by his brother Willard A. Palmer, III.

Thomas was born in Houston, Texas, on Mother's Day, May, 11, 1952. He was found by his brother, Bill, at 5:40 PM, January 25, 2011. According to his neighbors, Tom probably passed away on Sunday evening or Monday morning, either January 23 or 24.

Although the Harris County Medical Examiner's office has not officially signed off on a cause of death, it was probably due to End Stage Renal Disease. There was no sign of foul play or a struggle of any kind.

Those who knew Tom well will miss him greatly. He was a gentle man with a great sense of humor.

He was a phenomenal guitar player. He worked as a guitar and bass player with his brother, Bill, at Shakey's Pizza Parlor on South Park (Now MLK drive) for several months. His skill at blues guitar was really unrivaled.

Unfortunately, he had been unable to play his guitar for almost 2 years, due to the shunts in his arm that were used for dialysis. These had blocked his nerves enough that he could not even hold on to a guitar pick.

He is survived by his brother, Willard and his brother's wife Carol, his sister Judy and her husband, Arthur, their children, Heather, Matthew, Emily and Kathryn. He leaves behind many friends who will miss him. He was interred at Forest Park Westheimer in Houston, January 29, 2011, after a quiet graveside service.

We will post more photos of Tom as the months go on.

Sonny the cat

Tom's favorite pet up until he had his bypass surgery was his cat, Sonny.

Sonny lost all his teeth but his canines.
This gave him a very interesting yawn.

There was no practical way for Tom to take care of Sonny,
so a friend volunteered to keep him.

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